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Hospital Music

by Young Weather

Noone 03:30
Have you ever seen God before she started breathing? skin the color of aubergine then evolution kicks in, forgetting it's some sort of sin and her lungs color her skin hoave you ever seen God before she started breathing? Have you ever seen God breathing through tubes? ribcage the size of a bird? His worshippers gather to pray over numbers have you ever seen God before she started breathing?
Sane 03:42
I used to want to be wanted, now I just want to be sane I used to want to be haunted, now I'm not sure I can take the pain Live was I ere I saw evil, now I do not wonder at all This chemistry , this beast I have seen the dark center Live was I ere I saw evil, now I do not wonder at all and I'm afraid I cannot see through the grey wall of what I was like before I lost my shit I cannot climb the gray peace wall, all I've left is to lob molotovs over it and I'm afraid
Half Yr Face 03:03
I've grown afraid Of the same damn highway I drive it every day To see half of yr face I'm just another tube Stuck in your body I'm not fluids nor food I don't belong we named a small new woman a a small new beast in the kingdom just today some cops held guns up to children and cursed their dark skin will you soon curse us for this world we have named you in?
Chemicals 03:09
Christ the elect has forgiven my rent but when will my brain's chemicals relent God may forgive but the body does not forget when will my brain's chemicals relent? in soil, in sweat the bruised reed is bent when has the rain not gotten us wet? there's mud in our bones and blood in our plans when have we not been let down by my hands?
Mothers 03:00
You should be one of the smiling mothers Wheeled down through the revolving doors With Flowers and nurses and phone photographers Potent husbands with which you'd never grow bored the parkway the parking lot the lift and the doors the washing of our hands there is nothing more the beeping of the heart the breath inside the tubes the flesh of our flesh never untethered from the cords You shouldn't have to be watching her numbers Like the shadows of the kids you can't save You bare your breasts in our plastic nest Our flesh and blood tries to eat without choking it away I can never know the kick inside you Nor can I convince you my weak seed's to blame We both stare alone out on our flat unchosen home Until the void can respond with our names
Absolutions 03:46
Christ under a marble canopy Pressed by the sky, plaza-throned Rung with the thousand Keeping-blinks of visitors phones Past the polite militia Inside the tourism booths I ditched my companions And their crudities, to root If you're like me - loneliness is a feast Praying broken Latin with an unseen priest In the bowels of a hospital lobby In the annoying tourist colony breaking the bread of His body And counting the pulse of His bloody wrist I'm always praying for solutions But His only answer is a silent kiss
I'd rather die than be embarrassed I've known that since I was a kid And I've never gotten over it I'd rather die than be embarrassed eyes be closed and no one is there but if i tell you what i am now this new beast will just dissolve in the air Do you remember when I was afraid Of the knives - I'd always want them outta sight Strong men take the body they're given And send their minds off to hell or heaven Mine has stayed sun-shaded and riven Spaded dirt that no spirit would live in How long can I go Where no one knows My compline prayer My sweet little pill I just never taste it But I'd rather die Than be embarrassed
It's said you are A brake-less truck of wrath With the velocity of history You cannot help your need To split me under your wheels So I will run from you Just like my friends do I think I have heard you Placeless bare whispers Redemption of the body Substance silence No moment neglects you So who are You? And can I run to You? Can I bring my friends too? Will You crush us? Will You collect us?
The Needs 03:36
You are all I need Well, You and medicine and sleep Can I quiet the demon And keep the Ghost? You are all I need And money for bills Insurance for pills You are all i need we keep saying it but I'm coming clean You are all I need Is not what I mean
Prayers that hit the ceiling No hole in the roof To let them out or let us in Brother of all the forsaken Your hands have plenty of room to let her rest for one minute If God is love Then you won't remember this


released June 2, 2016

all songs copyright 2016 six and one half, doesn't the other?


all rights reserved



Young Weather Atlanta, Georgia

Young Weather is the project of Dustin Ragland & various collaborators in both studio and live settings through the years. Wrapping ambient electronic sound with a meter-hopping acoustic rhythm section - all around allusion-heavy lyricism.

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